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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Making of: Happy Easter 2011

Cut and spray paint the background panel.

"Rough in" the Lettering.

"Build up" the lettering.

Cut out the lettering.

Dry fit the lettering on the background panel.

Using the back side of the background panel as a work surface, spray some fun color on the top of the lettering.

Spray a complimenting fun color on the bottom of the lettering.

Using the "finger-pull" method, "Marker-in" a nice pin stripe around the edge of the lettering.

Mount the finished lettering onto a sheet of white foam core board.

Cut around the lettering, leaving a half inch of white foam core board.

Mount that onto the background panel, and then mount the whole works onto a sheet of black foam core board. Then cut around the whole thing leaving a half inch of black foam core board.

Add some cute little Easter eggs and DONE!

Close up right

Close up left.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Making of: Golf Ball Dangler

This may seem random, but a while back several large golf balls were needed to hang throughout a large display area. So I started thinking about how I could make multiple golf balls out of foam core board. After some head scratching I came up with a plan... and a two step stencil!

The first of many blanks.

I started by carefully placing stencil #1...

then I applied some Gray Flannel spray paint to the exposed area of the blank...

I removed the stencil and let the panel dry. Looking good so far.

Then I carefully placed stencil #2...

weighted it down and applied some flat white spray paint.

Removed the stencil and let the panel dry again.

Here is the finished golf ball. Not bad. Now, just 20 more to go!

Monday, October 17, 2011

The Making of: Halloween Event A-Frame

With Halloween quickly approaching, it was no surprise to me that I would end up creating some kind of creepy character. I was asked to create a 5'-6' tall A-Frame sign in the shape of a "kid friendly" witch to promote a Halloween event.

I started, as always with my preliminary sketch.

Then I started drawing on a full sheet of foam core board using my sketch as reference. Looking at the drawing, you can see that I was working out the design further... changing and developing it as I went. Then I started cutting the drawing into a template so I could use it to make two panels (one for each side of the A-Frame.

Here is the finished template. Next, I took a fresh sheet of foam core board and traced through the template on it. Then I took another sheet of foam core board, flipped the template and traced through it to make the design in reverse (the second side of the A-Frame).

The next step was to mist on some color, right over the traced drawing on each panel.

Here is one of the frogs after I sprayed in the background color and then markered in the details.

I used the template to trace and cut two cauldron shapes out of Navy Blue Coroplast. These will be added onto the top of the finished panels at the end to create a layered effect.

Here is one of the finished background panels. It's red Coroplast with a mist of Blackberry Design Master spray paint at the top. The last step before assembling all the pieces was to marker in all the color and detail on the witch and the cauldron.

The Finished Piece

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Making of: Pumpkin Blank

I was given a project to create a sign blank that looked like a pumpkin. I needed to make several blanks, so I new a template was needed. Messages would be written on the blanks, so the center needed to be somewhat open.

Here is my finished template. I used a pencil to draw and re-draw it until it was right. Then I used a marker to establish the cutting lines. The size is 12" square.

I cut a blank and sprayed in a deep yellow background color.

Then I started laying down the template pieces and spraying on more color. First the base colors for the pumpkin stem and leaf were put in.

Then template pieces were placed...

...and secondary colors were sprayed on.

The finished leaf.

The finished stem.

Then I covered the finished leaf and stem, pulled off the section that covered the pumpkin and misted on some orange...

...I covered the center of the pumpkin with the last section and sprayed the shadow color on the pumpkin.

All the template pieces were then removed to reveal the finished paint job.

The last step was to outline the design with a black paint marker.

Friday, April 08, 2011

The Making of "Pasta Station"

I started, as always, by sketching out a design and choosing colors.

Then, I cut out the background piece.
I took it outside to spray on the colors I had pre-chosen. First a coat of Almond was applied over the entire panel.

Then I misted some Yellow and Coral on the top edge of the panel. This will create a "sunset" effect in the background.
After it dried, I took the panel inside and pulled a thick red edge all the way around.
While the red paint marker was drying, I hand-lettered the text for the top of the sign and proceeded to cut it out.

Next, I attached the text to a piece of white foam core board and cut that too, leaving a bit of the white showing. This created a nice thick white border on the text.

Then I did a pencil sketch of the next element (a heaping mound of pasta), cut it out and sprayed on a bit of color. Then I took it inside and used paint markers to flesh it out.

I attached a piece of blue coroplast to the bottom of the sign. I chose a color that closely matched the lettering. Iv'e got the lettering propped up on the sign to see how the colors look together so far.

Then I cut and hand-lettered the price panels that will be mounted on top of the blue coroplast.
Finally, I attached all the pieces to the backround panel. I taped the sign down on a piece of black foam core board and cut it... leaving a nice black border.

Here is the finished sign.

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